Jorden Boulet & Joke Hansen

Jorden Boulet & Joke Hansen

This summer, VONK & Z33 join forces for the exhibition of Jorden Boulet and Joke Hansen. Both graduated from PXL-MAD and have had a studio at VONK for several years now. For the first time, they will show their work at Z33.

Jorden Boulet
Apocalypse Now
Classic images from modern painting, advertising or film are the inspiration for Jorden Boulet (1990). This also applies to the series Apocalypse Now. The exotic setting from Francis Ford Coppola’s war film of the same name is the starting point. Boulet uses a few iconic references as a guideline: the smell of napalm, the paradise beach, the hellish journey across the river to the heart of the jungle. An oppressive use of black and aggressive interventions of colour and matter express the theme of war and human cruelty. The result is associative images on a filmic scale, full of mystery and exoticism.

Joke Hansen
Between Canyons and Deserts
Joke Hansen (1979) challenges the boundaries of the canvas. She breaks away from the traditional grid with a free use of shapes, gestures and textures. Moving away from the ‘closed’ panel, like a rectangle, square, circle or oval, this leads to ‘shaped canvases’. Paintings that feel like images, or is it the other way round? In this series, she places dreamy forms on photos of desert hills and seascapes. In addition, there is a new mural in Z33.

The exhibition is a collaboration between VONK and Z33.

20.08 to 07.11.21