Opening night 1 April [SOLD OUT]

Z33 all about water

On Saturday 1 April, everyone is welcome at Z33. With four brand new exhibitions, we have a lot of interesting things in store. No April fool! [SOLD OUT]

River of Rebirth 

Rivers have traditionally been a source of stories. The never-ending flow of water symbolises infinity as well as impermanence. The artists in River of Rebirth draw inspiration from the many stories about water. They explore the multifaceted meanings of water as a cultural source.

Artists: Martin Belou, Thierry De Cordier, Mary Beth Edelson, Maika Garnica, Roni Horn, Lennart Lahuis, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Michèle Matyn, Aimée Parrott, Laure Prouvost, Jennifer Tee, Benjamin Verdonck, Cecilia Vicuña, Jessica Warboys, Mickey Yang, Jongsuk Yoon, Zhang Xu Zhan

Healing Water 

Healing Water starts from our hectic existence, the post-religious environment and the performance society. In this context, many of us seek for mental peace and sense making. The designers and artists in this exhibition use the remarkable properties of water for designing new rituals, installations for stillness and objects for sense giving. Water still occupies an important symbolic position in our cultures. The healing powers of water are a recognizable and effective proven means of many ritual and therapeutic practices around the globe.

Artists and designers: Elizabeth Ogilvie (UK), Juul Hagemeier (NL), Katharina Sook Wilting (KR/DE), Moon Seop Seo (KR/NL), Nanno Simonis (NL), Pepe Valenti (SP/NL), Sep Verboom (BE), Thibeau Scarcériaux (BE), Valentine Maurice (FR/NL). 

FORMAT 2023 – water expeditions

Every day we use and consume water without a second thought. We do not appreciate sufficiently the valuable commodity flowing from our taps. In FORMAT 2023, a new wave of designers and architects present refreshing insights into our interactions with water.

Artists: Niveau Zéro Atelier – Mathias Vincent-Palazzi & Thomas Viers, The Ironing Board – Marta Ríos & Miguel Parrrra, Maud Gerard, Juul Prinsen, Kurina Sohn, Sofie Deckers, Forever Orbit – Lore Janssens & Joram De Cocker.

During this opening night, you can also go and see Cornershop of Daydreams, our collaboration with Designregio Kortrijk, for the first time. Three designers present their research into daydreams.

In our bar, none other than Fabio Casula will provide infectious dance music. From disco to afrobeat to house and hip-hop, Fabio will provide the necessary swing to make the opening night unforgettable.

Many thanks to Cristal Alken, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium, Mondriaan Fund, the Amarte Fund, Designregio Kortrijk.


Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to register. We are completely full!

01.04.23, 19:30 to 02:00

19:30: doors & bar open
20h00: welcome speech by Artistic Director Adinda Van Geystelen & curators
20:15: free access to exhibitions with guides in the halls
21h30: party with DJ Fabio Casula
22:30: end of visit to exhibitions
02h00: end

Many artists will be present during the evening. Some of them will live activate some of the works on display.