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Out of the Studio!

A symposium on art and public space

Out of the studio! presents the proceedings of a symposium on art and public space, held at Z33 from October 26 tot 28, 2007. It comprises contributions by more then twenty artists, curators and academics.

Out of the Studio! reveals the broad variety of ways in which art is commissioned today and how it intervenes in public space. It reports about the programme of the symposium, starting with artists contributions, followed by debates on specific topics an lectures on actual issues. It updates the information on recent projects, sculpture exhibitions, biennials and sculpture parks and analyses their working methods and consequences. The different underlying structures of these projects are discussed here, and several current topics, such as ecology an political activism in Latin America, come in focus.

Titel Out of the studio! A symposium on art and public space
Redactie Jan Debbaut, Monique Verhulst, Pieternel Vermoortel
Taal English
Druk 2008
Door Z33
ISBN 978 9 0746053 3 5