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Zoom In Zoom Out

Z33 contemporary art & design projects collected

Zoom In Zoom Out brings together six exhibition projects, from No. 14 (2006) to No. 19 (2008), with more than 130 artists, designers, architects, scientists and researchers – from Martí Guixé to Laszlo Moholy-Nagy to Studio Job, from Marina Yee to Ann Veronica Janssens to Ryoji Ikeda – in text and pictures.

Artistic Director Jan Boelen wrote the introduction the book. Claire Warnier gives in ‘The Art of Design’ a preview of the core disciplines of Z33. Geert Zagers further zooms in and out of Z33, exhibitions, production orders and the presented art works with interviews, essays and a glossary. The graphics and image editing are by Julie Peeters.

Titel Zoom In Zoom Out
Redactie Geert Zagers, Julie Peeters
Door Mer Publishers in coorporation with Z33
Taal Dutch / English
Druk 2008
ISBN 978 90746 0500 7