Still from a combmaker's tale

Artist Talk: A conversation with Dries Verbruggen (Unfold) & Alexandre Humbert

Release control, give up or regain control. It is a recurring theme in the work of Unfold (Claire Warnier & Dries Verbruggen). Between craftsmanship and new technologies, this Belgian design studio explores the boundaries of what is possible. How do they deal with this during projects? Dries Verbruggen will tell you more about this during this interview.

Riding on the edge of control

Computer code and traditional crafts are not the mother tongue of designers Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen. Nevertheless, they create unusual confrontations between the two, independent of prevailing norms in design practice. The untranslatable and unexpected always come to the fore. At the same time, their projects are an exploration of the digital-analog gap, with attention to technical skill, intellectual property and the uniqueness of an identical object. The exhibition a combmaker’s tale is a fine example of this. The lecture given by Dries focuses on the projects of the past ten years, the thread of which leads to a combmaker’s tale. The final question of Dries will be answered by Amber Roucourt, master student ceramics at PXL MAD School of Arts.

This Online Talk connects to Unfold’s exhibition a combmaker’s tale, which is on view at Z33 from 2nd December untill Sunday 28th March 2021. The Talks are a collaboration of Z33 with PXL MAD School of Arts, LUCA School of Arts campus C-Mine and UHasselt Faculty of Architecture and Art.


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26.01.21, 20:00 to 21:00

The lecture's duration is +/- 25 min followed by a live discussion between Dries Verbruggen from Unfold, Alexandre Humbert and Annelies Thoelen, curator at Z33.

Language: English
Free of charge. Registration is required and possible until 3 pm on the day.
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The exhibition

a combmaker’s tale

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