Opening night new exhibitions

with Maxime Denuc & Pastige

On Saturday March 30th, we open our doors at 7:30 PM. Discover three new exhibitions that evening and enjoy performances by Maxime Denuc and DJ pastige.

Leaps of Faith

The exhibition explores the meaning of faith in art today. For many artists, faith has both a religious and a broader meaning: faith is about our relationship with the unknown and incomprehensible. How do we navigate the uncertainties of life and where do we find footing? Some artists come closer to the higher through their work, while others criticise the social role of the church. What unites them is a belief in the power of art to pave paths beyond the familiar.

Daiga Grantina

For her first institutional solo exhibition in Belgium, Daiga Grantina is showing newly-commissioned sculptures situated alongside earlier works. Using these as rhythmic elements, she will create a cycle of works spanning the five interconnected galleries of  exhibition wing ‘Vleugel 58’. Daiga Grantina’s sculptures are composed of simple materials – fabric, wood, string, metal, wax – with careful attention given to their sensory properties. The many uncovered skylights in the exhibition wing will become lenses of illumination for a choreography of hollow, hanging, resting forms.

Riar Rizaldi

Riar Rizaldi creates films that explore the relationship between science, fiction, and technology. Continuing on this momentum, he presents his first solo exhibition in Belgium. You find yourself in an extraterrestrial film set where ‘Fossilis’ (2023) is on display.


In between your perusal of the new art pieces, you can enjoy some live music by Maxime Denuc. Especially for Z33,  transforms his acclaimed work Nachthorn into New Anthem. Last year, it was used during Chanel’s spring show, but tonight it’s presented anew specifically for the exhibition ‘Leaps of Faith’. Expect hypnotic electronic music, oscillating between dub techno or after-hours pop, with the organ taking center stage.

Pastige stands with one foot firmly in the house scene, and with the other, he effortlessly switches between everything surrounding it. On his radio show Collecting Kernels, he presents the non- and semi-danceable gems he discovers during his sleep-drunk digital searches, but for a full club, he prefers to take risks with danceable music from unexpected corners.


30.03 to 30.03.24

19h30 Doors open
19h45 Welcome General and Artistic director Adinda Van Geystelen
20h - 22h30 Exhibitions open
21h Maxime Denuc, The New Anthem
22h -01h After party with DJ Pastige i.a.w. De Serre Hasselt
01h Doors close

Registration for the opening night is not required: admission to the event is free. But, full is full, so be sure to get there on time!