Seasonal Neighbours

Our Invisible Hands

Each year, millions of seasonal workers from southern and eastern Europe come to the west to work in local fields and greenhouses. Their much-needed participation in the harvest contributes to the rich agricultural economy that feeds all of Europe and beyond. Our Invisible Hands visualizes this rural reality in all its nuances.

The travel restrictions during the corona crisis made the vulnerability of the system clearly visible. Borders closed and the call for local help during harvest was launced. The Seasonal Neighbours collective gathered sixteen artists, writers, architects, filmmakers and designers who saw the opportunity of this situation. They temporarily went to work as seasonal labourers, and used this personal experience as the starting point for artistic projects about living together and seasonality at the European countryside.

Our Invisible Hands shows the impact of temporary labour in the agricultural sector, and the perspective of the working man in the rural landscape. Starting from the real-life reality in the field, the exhibition develops themes of rituals, boundaries, communication, identity, coming home, and the relationship between humans and plants. Seasonal labor comes and goes, and is local. How can we understand this ever-recurring migratory flow from within?

You can find more info on the Seasonal Neighbours website.

Artists: Anastasia Eggers, Pia Jacques de Dixmude, Collectif dallas, Karolina Michalik, Claire Chassot, Ines Marita Schärer & Caroline Profanter, Jonathan De Maeyer, Ciel Grommen & Maximiliaan Royakkers, Mona Thijs, Yacinth Pos, Ioana Lupascu

Curators: Ils Huygens and Annelies Thoelen

With support of the Flemish Government, Vocatio fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL and many crowdfunders.

30.01 to 17.04.22

Bring headphones or earbuds with AUX connections to fully experience the exhibit. This exhibition is located in the old part of Z33. The new exhibition wing by Francesca Torzo will open its doors again on 6 March. A visit to Our Invisible Hands takes about 30 min.

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Seasonal Neighbours

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